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Spot Test Company  performs 100%  Quality Control  inspection of its product.  The blocks of Spot Test Strips are scanned with a densitometer and the output files are measured using a software application that assigns area counts to the individual Test Strips.  The measurement data is exported to MS Excel and regression analysis is performed using log normalization techniques to compare the individual Spot Tests to four part external curves bracketing the expected concentration of the Test Strips.   The image seen below is a copy of a file used to test differences in the performance between several chromatography papers I looked at during the development of the Test Strips.  The other images are screen shots of the Excel Workbook I used to measure the area counts of the individual spots.  All of the images are linked to larger images and can be enlarged by clicking on the images. 

We will retain records for each block of Test Strips we create and those records will correspond to your Invoice Records.  Upon request we will make the Excel Workbooks for your material available to you by email attachment.  Contact us at to request these records. 

            Sample Block Scan          Results Worksheet          Result Curves Graphs      Residuals Graph