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My name is Kyle Reising and I am the Spot Test Company.  I hold an Associate of Arts and Science degree from Illinois Central College in Chemistry, a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Georgia in Management, a Master of Science degree from Southern Polytechnic State University in Quality Assurance,  As a member of the  American Society for Quality I hold certification as a Manager of Quality /Operational Excellence and Six Sigma Black Belt.  I have 19 years experience in the field of analytical chemistry and have three papers published in the Journal of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists International.

This small company is my effort to make the world a better place.  Education is a wonderful thing, but it is the application of what a person knows that is important.  I want to use this sulfite test to build a company that aspires to enhance food safety by creating simple, inexpensive tests to monitor for common adulterants and contaminants.  This single test is the starting point for making food safety accessible and cost effective to both the regulatory community and the individual consumer.  These are the vision and the mission of Spot Test Company.     

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